Refugee Status

Eyob gets refugee status – and a place in the Great North Run with Action Foundation!

2022-09-02T12:39:02+01:002nd September 2022|Blog, Client Story, Fundraising, News|

An African refugee from the region that has produced a roll-call of Olympic champions is running the Great North Run to raise money for Action Foundation. Eyob, a volunteer with our InterAction Drop-in [...]

‘I waited 20 years to get my refugee status – I’m not scared anymore!’

2020-09-25T08:48:53+01:0025th September 2020|Blog, News|

Yacine grew up in Algeria, North Africa with three sisters and a brother – they were a close and happy family with a good life. Then in 1991 Civil War broke out between the Algerian government and Islamist groups. The violence and brutality escalated so [...]

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