InterAction is a free citywide multi-agency twice weekly drop-in at two locations in Newcastle for the benefit of the following people/organisations;

  • asylum seekers, refugees and/or other migrants
  • volunteers who want to help migrants settle and integrate in Newcastle
  • organisations who provide services that benefit migrants

The drop will operate at the following locations / times*;

  • Tuesdays 12 noon – 2pm at CastleGate at City Church, Melbourne Street, Newcastle
  • Thursdays 12 noon – 2pm at West End Library, Condercum Rd, Newcastle

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What is this project?

“It was the best opportunity for me to come to the English classes and the teacher was very friendly and I am meeting new people. I think that I am improving my English and my normal life. I think it’s very different because before I started coming to the English class I was very frustrated because I don’t have nothing to do at all. Nothing! So when I started coming I started to feel more happy and more smiling, yes. It was a very good improvement.”
(Skills for Life learner)