Update January 2022: Our Hosting Project continues to be on hold, due to the pandemic. For further details click here

Action Hosting was set up following people’s desire to help refugees as the migrant crisis grew over the summer of 2015. The project matched volunteers offering a spare bedroom in their home with a destitute asylum seeker for an agreed period of time. To date this project has provided over 2,600 nights of accommodation to vulnerable destitute asylum seekers living in Tyne and Wear!

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Action Hosting Volunteers

“Hosting has given us a great deal of satisfaction and fulfilment, the feeling that you are doing your bit but also gaining so much.

After some time it is just like having a family member or friend staying.”

(Action Hosting Volunteer)
“Before [Action Hosting] I was in a very tough situation. They cut my support and my accommodation and I doing myself on the street and I can do nothing about it.

Now I feel like I am living like normal. Before I was surviving, now I am living.”

(Action Hosting Beneficiary)