“The Black Lives Matters protests have given us all an opportunity to reflect on the disturbing prevalence of racism and its deeply damaging effects on people from a BAME background. Not only in America, but here in the North East of England.

As many of you know Action Foundation started in response to the injustice in the asylum system that makes so many people destitute at the end of that process.”

Watch Julian’s full statement below

“However, Action Foundation has more to do to become a more diverse organisation that better reflects the people we are supporting – as well as being more courageous to challenge racism wherever we see it.

We have taken time to think about not just what we say, but what crucially we can DO that will make a difference.

So we are going to give greater priority to listening to those with lived experience of the asylum system and racism and increasingly involving them in shaping the way we do things going forward, so that we can better empower the people we support to overcome their exclusion and the injustice they face.

We want to invite other organisations to share their learning and help us review/action how we can increasingly keep this issue central to ongoing discussions around our organisational culture and strategy.

We also commit to working more with other organisations who can amplify the voices of our beneficiaries, staff and volunteers with lived experience to raise greater awareness of this issue in the media and with other influencers and policy makers more widely.

We would like to hear YOUR feedback about how you may be able to help us be better informed and have greater understanding – as we seek to increasingly tackle racism wherever we see it.”

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