Celebrating the year with you! Enjoy our Thank You film!

Celebrating the year with you! Enjoy our Thank You film!

Thank you to all our learners, residents, volunteers, funders and supporters!!!  What an amazing year it has been and what a great way to end our year with two celebration parties in both Newcastle and Sunderland.



We welcomed over 200 guests to our celebrations in Newcastle, which included a ‘Building Bridges’ challenge (making a bridge from recycled materials in 15 minutes!) to the live sounds of the Cramlington Caribbean Crew! We would like to thank the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress for kindly joining us for our celebration in Newcastle, held in the Turbine Hall at the Castlegate on Tuesday 11 December and to the Samosa Sisters for the delicious hot food.  The Samosa Sisters are a non-profit refugee led community organisation that supports and empowers vulnerable women living in NE England raising funds for the relief of poverty (destitution fund) to help vulnerable women with ‘No recourse to public funds’. 

In Sunderland, our party got into full swing on Wednesday 12 December when we were delighted to be joined by over 50 guests along with our CEO, Julian Prior, who had the difficult task of selecting the winner in our ‘Building Bridges’ challenge!

Our ‘Thank You’ film, made by Robin Fry with the support of Ash, was premiered at both venues with many of the stars of the screen present at the events! 

Here is our special Thank You to you all. 

What an Impact!

What an Impact!

Over the past year we have helped more people across a wider geographic area with the support of more volunteers than ever before!

We have been able to support 1413 refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants through our housing and language projects – an increase of 27% on the previous year.

Read more about the impact Action Foundation has made, in our 2018 report. Below you will find our report in two formats, a page turning format and a pdf:

Page Turning Format: http://bit.ly/AFImpactReport2018 

PDF Format: ActionFoundation-Report_2018



The Great North Run takes place on 9 September and this year we have 14 fantastic runners representing Action Foundation, all raising money to support our projects helping vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland!  If you would like to help them to reach their fundraising targets please go to our Virgin Money Giving page.

Runners’ Stories: Time to meet Jamie and Dom, our 3-legged Twins!

“Me and my twin brother, Dom, have chosen to run the Great North Run, three-legged. Although we haven’t been involved with Action Foundation directly, we wanted to contribute to the amazing work they do supporting refugees and asylum seekers living in the North-East. The opportunities Action Foundation provides such as offering accommodation and English language courses seem to make an invaluable impact on the lives of vulnerable migrants who have chosen to start a new life in the UK.

We have been training both three-legged and two/four-legged. When training separately, we have been doing regular 10k runs and a couple of shorter ones throughout the week. We will be doing a longer distance half-marathon style soon. For the 3-legged runs, unsurprisingly, it’s slightly more time-consuming. Before we committed to running the Great North Run as a three-legged race, we did a timed 5km to see if running the whole thing would be possible. With a few falls and funny looks off passer-bys, we ran it in about 36 minutes. So hopefully, a 21km (half marathon) run should be possible without taking all day and night.

We have been experimenting with different ways to attach our legs together and which side works best for each of us to run on. At the moment, we have been training with our ankles tied quite close together with a belt and a football sock for some padding. It is hard but possible. When looking up other three-legged long distance runs we also saw they were tied a few inches apart, which seems a lot more comfortable!”

Can you help Jamie and Dom on their three legged challenge?  Here’s the link to their fundraising page https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser…/fundraiserPage…

If you would like to support our runners in this year’s Great North Run, either by way of donation or to cheer them along and greet them at the finish line, then please get in touch with Nikki McCann at nikkimccann@actionfoundation.org.uk You can also donate by going directly to our Virgin Money giving account http://bit.ly/2sUbBWRGNR2018