As part of our most recent ESOL for Work course, we included (as usual!) a session on volunteering, as a way of gaining experience and enhancing one’s CV. Surrounded as we are at the moment by the Great Exhibition of the North, students were directed towards volunteering there. Two did so, Aleksandra and Lin. Aleksandra volunteered with the Concordia Festival, helping as primary school choirs moved around different venues in Newcastle singing in each place. Here’s her feedback:

“Hi Ruth, I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity for Concordia Festival! It was such a nice experience because children were singing so beautifully!!!”, and Lin? – well, let him tell you himself! “Hello Ruth. Thank you for the great information of Great Exhibition. I have been a volunteer now and attended training sessions as many as I can including First Aid course yesterday. In addition, I have attended the cycling shift of Sound Journey for Newcastle. All of those are very helpful to me. Thank you very much.”

As well as hoping to support our clients to take advantage of new opportunities, we also want to help them with progression, and volunteering is a great way to progress from our ESOL for Work course, and hopefully one day, on to paid work too!

You can find out more about the Great Exhibition of the North and their volunteering opportunities at