I chose to start volunteering with Action Language because I’d heard what a great experience it is from a friend who had been involved with Action Foundation in the past. I volunteer as a teaching assistant in their free English classes for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants who are unable to access mainstream classes. I saw volunteering with Action Language as an opportunity to help those at a disadvantage and feel like I was doing something really worth-while with my time.

I think that Action Foundation has a great set of values and ethos which are apparent when you’re there. They express the importance of equality and inclusion and this creates such a nice atmosphere to work in. I have been volunteering for four weeks now in entry level classes and have found them very enjoyable, which I put down to how friendly everyone is.

As well as helping the students to understand and assisting the teachers in the delivery of the classes, my time at Action Language has been an opportunity to develop my own skills. For example by setting myself challenging goals and SMART actions, and reflecting on the progress I make, I have already developed my skills in planning and organising. My communication skills have developed through using a variety of methods including speech and writing when communicating information and explanations to the students. Working in a professional environment has also given me the opportunity to practice professionalism in a work setting.

I’m looking forward to further developing my skills in teamwork, personal enterprise, communication and planning and organising in an enjoyable environment as I continue to volunteer for Action Language.