This month we are launching our brand-new new Legacy Giving campaign – letting our supporters know that they can help fund Action Foundation by choosing to leave a gift for us in their will.  

We’re catching up with Fundraising and Grants Officer, Abi, to see how the campaign is going and what we need to know about Legacy Giving!  

How’s the Legacy Giving campaign going so far? 

The campaign is off to a great start. First and foremost, we wanted to speak to some of our valued supporters and get their thoughts on Legacy Giving. I was blown away by how open and positive the discussion was. Sometimes you think that a conversation about death or leaving a will has to be difficult or awkward – but it really doesn’t! Over the next few months, we’re going to be speaking with more supporters and letting them know how they can be part of our future through Legacy Giving.  

Sounds great. Is leaving a gift in your will a complicated process?

Not at all – this is one of the misconceptions around Legacy Giving and we really want to take it back to basics. To leave us a gift in your will all you need is our charity name (Action Foundation) and number (1132051).  

We’d recommend you speak to a legal professional so get in touch with a solicitor you trust and they can help draw your will up/ amend your existing will. Your solicitor will do all the hard work!  

We’ve answered some FAQs which cover a lot of queries around the process itself.  

Why are Legacy Gifts important for Action Foundation? 

Good question. Lots of our previous fundraising has focused on donations or grants which help fund our current projects and keep these key services going. Legacy Giving allows us to fund our future and plan future services. With Legacy Gifts we can begin mapping out our future and work towards our longer-term goal of housing and empowering EVERY migrant in the North East.  

Sounds like a great time to think about leaving a Legacy Gift. What would you say to someone who was interested but wasn’t sure if it was for them?

We are SO grateful to everyone who considers us in their will – it’s about so much more than the monetary value! We believe that leaving a Legacy Gift is a way to reflect on the causes you’ve been passionate about throughout your life and continue that support even when you’re gone. Every gift, big or small, gives us the stability we need to develop and grow as a charity.  

Thanks for chatting with us Abi! If people want to find out more what should they do? 

I’m always happy to chat over a cuppa or on the phone. Email me at [email protected] and we can talk about all things Legacy! 

 We’ve got some FAQs and information on our web page so worth checking them out too.