Can YOU help the InterAction Drop-in team support people seeking asylum who have newly arrived in Newcastle with just the clothes they are stood up in.

​InterAction Drop-in Manager Yvonne Cheung told us: “The people who have been placed in hotels are badly isolated and do not even have a change of clothing. We hope to help people return to some kind of regularity as the Covid restrictions ease off by encouraging them to participate in social activities from June, so people need more gear.”

What do we need?

The following items either new or in good condition:

  • Men’s Jeans: size 30/32
  • Men’s Tracksuit Bottoms: S/M
  • Men’s T-shirts/Jumpers: S/M
  • Men’s Trainers- Size 42/43 priority
  • Rucksacks/Bags

We need the following items brand new:

  • Men’s Underwear
  • Men’s Socks
  • Flip Flops in men’s sizes

***Please Note: We DON’T currently need women’s or baby clothes***

What should I do with my donations?

We have a number of options:

Please drop off Tuesday-Thursday at Action Foundation, Castlegate, Melbourne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne,

Order items online delivering to the above address

Leave a message on 07392 169 262 so the team can arrange to pick up