After launching our Covid-19 Crisis Support Appeal, you’ve come together and raised an astonishing £9,000 in a lightning quick nine days! In fact, the total is now an incredible £9,745 and rising.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

The money raised by supporters like YOU means we can reach out to vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees in Tyne & Wear who are desperately struggling with the realities of a Covid-19 world.

Action Foundation are in touch with over 1,000 clients every week and since 17th March we have already been able to provide:

  • essential cleaning supplies: 8 households
  • food + toiletries parcels: 36 households
  • phone credit: 4 people
  • welfare telephone checks: 91 people
  • taxis to and from the RVI for one high risk family
  • remote casework support: 8 people

How does casework make a difference?

One man called us last week who had become homeless after losing his job, but after a few phone calls to the right organisations, Maria from the Action Foundation team had secured him a safe place to stay locally and information about what benefits he’s entitled to. A drastic improvement.

What’s next?

We need to be able to sustain this vital support we are offering to our beneficiaries, and your amazing response to our appeal in such a short amount of time has given us faith that it can be done.

We know it’s a financially difficult time for a lot of people, but if you’re able to give, please know your donation will make a huge difference to those experiencing hardship in our community right now.

Click here to donate to our Covid-19 Appeal

Some of our supporters have also chosen to set up a regular gift which helps us to plan ahead, giving much-needed financial stability in these uncertain times.

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We’d like to take this opportunity again to thank you for all of your support.

Action Foundation Covid-19 Crisis Support