Could you live for a week on £15? That’s just over £2 a day. Sound difficult?

That is the reality for over 200 destitute asylum seekers living in Tyne and Wear right now surviving on £15 a week provided by local charities.To raise awareness of the difficulties facing destitute asylum seekers and support our projects helping this vulnerable group we are asking you to be sponsored to try and live on £15 for 1 week.

From the 18th – 24th February to experience first-hand some of the many difficulties facing destitute asylum seekers living in the region. Don’t worry if the week we have chosen doesn’t work for you as you can do the challenge at anytime to suit you.

Living off £15 for a week may not be practical for everyone however we want as many people as possible to get involved so we are leaving it up to you to decide how you spend your £15.

You may choose to try and feed yourself for £15 a week or include travel costs. Or really test yourself and cover food, travel costs and socialising!

The challenge will be hard but we hope it will expose you to the realities of surviving on such a limited budget and the difficulties facing over 200 destitute asylum seekers in the region. Plus you might even learn about some free activities happening in your area or some new low-cost recipes!

If you would like to get involved with the challenge you can set up a fundraising page or show your support to those taking part through our sponsorship page here.