Get involved with our 15 for 7 Challenge from 5th – 12th March and support destitute asylum seekers living in Tyne and Wear!

Do you know how much you spend on your weekly shop per person? Add in toiletries, travel, coffees out and a takeaway and it probably comes to a lot more than £15.

£15 is the amount vulnerable destitute asylum seekers living in Tyne and Wear receive from local charities per week to survive on. Every penny counts, and some find themselves choosing between eating breakfast or travelling to a doctor’s appointment.

Through our Action Housing and Hosting projects we currently have the capacity to support and accommodate 24 destitute asylum seekers but there are over 140 in Newcastle alone in need of our support that we do not have the capacity or finances to help.

We are challenging all our supporters, volunteers and anyone else who wants to get involved to try and live off £15 for 7 days. How you do it is up to you. You could choose to spend only £15 on food for the week, or include travel, or really challenge yourself to spend no more than £15 on all your shopping and travel!

All money raised will go towards supporting our Action Housing and Hosting projects which provide support and accommodation to destitute asylum seekers in Tyne and Wear.

More information can be found on our fundraising page!