Mohammad is one of our Action Language students currently studying in Pre-Entry A, our most basic level English class. Mohammad is originally from Sudan and came to the UK 7 months ago knowing absolutely no English. After arriving in Newcastle in June Action Language was recommended to him by friends and he began attending classes at the start of the academic year.

Mohammad says that it is important to learn English as it is an international language meaning he can communicate with many people from different countries. He also says it is very important as it enables him to access basic services like the bank and post office, decreasing his reliance on friends for help. Mohammad says he is enjoying learning English and he likes his teacher a lot and the lessons are always fun and interesting, although he sometimes finds it hard. He says his favourite thing about Action Language is the opportunity to meet people and socialise and says he has made many new friends from different nationalities and greatly looks forward to each lesson. Mohammad wishes to continue learning English, increase his confidence and hopes to get a job in the future.