Our Digital Inclusion project is aimed at adult refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants who don’t have the right technology to access the internet and are at increased risk of social and economic exclusion. The project provides devices and data, along with training on using devices and the basic skills and competencies required to be active on-line. We also provide mentoring to help clients with accessing education and training opportunities or applying for work.

Contact Digital Inclusion

0191 231 3113 (Newcastle)
Text, WhatsApp or Call: 07826 266 630
[email protected]

Whether it’s accessing our free English language classes on Zoom, getting the latest Covid advice or keeping in touch with relatives abroad, it’s vital that people can connect to the outside world digitally.

The project provides:

  • Devices and data for those who do not have them
  • Training on using new device and the basic skills and competencies required to be active on-line
  • Mentoring to help clients with personal goals/needs such as accessing education and training opportunities or applying for work

Action Foundation is working with other organisations as delivery partners across the region and has recruited a team of volunteers to help deliver the project who speak multiple languages.


North Tyne Combined Authority (Direct and via NCC)

Barclays Bank

Various COVID response funders

Lloyds Bank (Devices + SIMs only)

How we helped Zainab…

“I used to attend Action Language classes, but when the pandemic came I only had an old mobile phone, which made it a struggle to access the zoom classes. My English was getting worse again as I didn’t get the chance to practice it as we are stuck at home…. Action Foundation gave me a tablet which has been really amazing for me.

It’s so much clearer, I can see everyone and everyone can see me and I can talk – it’s completely different! Can you imagine using an old phone to try and do this?! But now with a tablet, it’s perfect! I was sitting at home on my own with my kids, not talking to anyone, so now my English has got much better!”


If you would like to become a volunteer with our Digital Inclusion Project please email [email protected] or call 07518 460 198.