Action Language seemed like the obvious choice for me when picking a placement for my Careers Development Module. The project supports not only language development but, through language, improves the normal lives of the students that attend the classes. Language is a key aspect for integrating into a new society and can make a real difference to the student’s confidence. I really enjoy the reward of assisting in classroom teaching as I get to see each student improve week on week.

I began the placement with hopes that I would be able to help students develop and also personally develop my communication skills. Within just a few weeks at the placement I had learnt a lot about my own communication style. Through watching the talented teaching staff I have learnt a number of flexible styles to use when helping different students. In terms of helping student development, it is hard not to leave a lesson feeling like you’ve helped them progress their English skills as the improvements are often so visible in each exercise you do with them.

I also hoped to simply gain an enjoyable experience which is definitely what Action Language gives you as a classroom assistant. All of the staff at Action Language are patient, welcoming and talented at running engaging sessions each week. The students are enthusiastic and appreciative for the help you provide. The diversity in the classroom means that alongside the work it is really interesting to speak to the students one on one and learn something about their background or culture.

So far my placement at Action Language has been even more than I hoped for and I look forward to continuing my volunteering here.