Action Hosting

Do you have a spare room?

Would you like to help someone who is homeless?

Hosting may suit you!

Action Hosting has been set up following people’s desire to help refugees when the migrant crisis grew over the summer of 2015. Most hosting schemes help destitute asylum seekers that are currently living in Britain, rather than those that have recently arrived where there are systems in place to support them.

Hosts will provide accommodation for an agreed amount of time to a destitute asylum seeker who would otherwise be homeless and extremely vulnerable.

Whilst on the hosting scheme the guest will work with an Action Foundation support worker to look at their future options.

What does Hosting involve?

The role of the host is to provide the guest with:

  • A friendly, safe and welcoming place to stay
  • A bedroom, clean bedding and their own towel
  • Access to food storage and cooking facilities, laundry and bathroom facilities

“Hosting can be a life changing experience for both the host and the guest. It helps fill the gap between destitution and statutory support. Equally importantly, it affirms the value of the guest as a human being, and enables the host to understand the realities of being a refugee.”

Dave Smith, founder of the Boaz Trust in Manchester and NACCOM Coordinator.

I am interested in getting involved, where can I find more information?

You can download an application form and information sheet.

Or for more information email: or call 0191 2313113.

Action Hosting Case Study – Yasine’s Story

Yasine is the first male to be supported through Action Hosting. Yasine is from Algeria and has been in the UK for 16 years but in July 2015 his claim for asylum was refused… “Before [Action Hosting] I was in a very tough situation. They cut my support and my accommodation and I found myself on the street and I can do nothing about it”. During his time living on the street Yasine became very ill and suffered a heart attack. Upon leaving hospital Yasine was supported for 3 months by the charity Nightstop which organised for him to stay in the homes of volunteers for a few nights at a time. Yasine is very grateful for this support but said that moving so frequently was difficult as he was unable to feel settled. Due to Nightstop’s limited capacity they were unable to continue supporting Yasine and he was forced back to living on the streets. This time was very tough for Yasine as he was extremely worried about his health and having nowhere private and safe to stay made taking his vital medication very difficult.

Whilst on the street Yasine was supported by WERS (West End Refugee Service) who provided him with a hardship fund enabling him to buy food and travel to Middlesbrough where he is required by the Home Office to sign in. WERS referred Yasine to Action Hosting after which he was contacted by our Hosting Co-ordinator, Vicki Harris, who offered him the opportunity to be part of the hosting scheme and move in with volunteer hosts. Yasine started being supported through Action Hosting in November 2016 and neither himself or the hosts have had any difficulties with the scheme and together they have shared meals and stories. Action Hosting has provided Yasine with safe and secure accommodation and support giving him the privacy and dignity everyone deserves.

“Now I feel like I am living like normal. Before I was surviving, now I am living.”